The Seabrook darts were designed back in 2001 and were going to be a part of the Robin Hood series as the Lionheart darts. I felt that the dart didn’t quite fit with Richard the Lionheart so the darts were abandoned. Being a great dart however and popular with testers I decided to bring a small number of sets (45 sets) out in the Concept range to get broader feedback before deciding on a full production run.

The codename “Seabrook” is due to the “crinkle cut” nature of the grip which takes me back to when I was a young lad visiting my grandparents in Bradford at Christmas where I always stocked up on the famous Seabrook crisps!


23g – Length 52.5mm – Max Width 6.35mm

Point Length = 32mm (26mm protruding)

Barrels Only = 90% Tungsten

Darts designed by Matthew Birch

Seabrook 23g