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The new black editions Ryan Searle darts have been used by Ryan Searle on the Euro Tour in 2022 and we have brought them out in his match weight of 32 grams as well as shorter/lighter versions of 22, 23 and 24 grams.

Barrels = 90% Tungsten
Supplied with 100 Micron Flights


32g – Length 51mm – Max Width 8mm
24g – Length 46mm – Max Width 7.3mm
23g – Length 46mm – Max Width 7.1mm
22g – Length 46mm – Max Width 6.9mm

Point Length = 34mm (28mm protruding)

Darts designed by Ryan Searle together with Matthew Birch & Zachary Thornton.

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Ryan Searle

Ryan Black 1

Ryan Black 2

Ryan Black 3

Mobile Ryan Searle

Desktop Ryan Searle