Back in 2020 I threw the kitchen sink at a dart design, 2 coatings, sand blasting, a little scallop and a novel grip. It turned out to be a very likeable dart but looked like a mess. It went on the back burner though a natural tungsten sample was made which proved to be a bit of a marmite dart with casual testers and professionals alike. It turned out to be the match dart for a couple of players, a non-Loxley tour card holder also loved it whilst Ryan Searle is quoted as hating it!

With the concept series coming out it’s the perfect time for a larger test and the name Moloko Plus (a reference to the ‘Milk Plus’ drink in the classic Kubrik movie A Clockwork Orange) just seems to suit it.


23g – Length 50mm – Max Width 7mm

Point Length = 32mm (27mm protruding)

Barrels Only = 90% Tungsten

Darts designed by Matthew Birch

Moloko Plus 23g