With 10 slim brass darts from Loxley all launching at once, the CuZN series are premium brass darts with the dimensions of a Tungsten dart barrel. MK Sharks social darts academy have trialed the series over the past 2 months and this is their review:

After just one email to Loxley Darts, they got back to me with an offer to test out their new light weight range of brass darts. They sent us 30 sets in total. 10 different shapes and grips 3 sets of each type. Along with loads of flights and stems.

The quality and detail of the brass darts was of a very high standard. You wouldn’t have known they were brass.

We ran a test program with the mini boarders of the group (lower board). They all threw their own darts at the GreenZone and we counted how many they hit. We then did the same with every set of darts we were given. Each week we removed the darts with the lower score till we were finally at the dart that they performed best with.

While running this test it was great to see how much attention each child paid to each type of dart. We could here them talking to each laughing, looking puzzled at each other all because of the different shapes, grips, sizes. They would say things like” I really like this dart “then they would throw it and say “I’m not very good with this one am I?” “How do you throw this dart it has no grip, wow these are light can I weigh them?”

My overall opinion of the lightweight darts is good. It gives children a chance to test all different shapes and grips, a good price and being lightweight it really helped due to the size of the children. For clubs like us with mini boarders it will really help us, and the parents find the right dart for each child.

Craig Neale

Head Coach

Social Darts Academy MK Sharks Jnr’s

Oh how I wish these was about when I first started darts as a kid. I’m now 16 playing Super league. But when I started, I just picked a set of darts I liked the look of which cost my Mum £40 I think. I have had multiple sets of darts now costing me and my mum a small fortune. I didn’t have the option of trying all the different shapes and grips, if I had I may of found the right dart a lot sooner.

The only problem I have with these darts is that they are to light for me now. But the idea for small kids is amazing.

Josh Bean

16 years old

Super League and Black Shirt JDC

Player and Ambassador at Social Darts Academy MK Sharks Jnr’s

Wasn’t sure what to expect when Craig said we had 10 sets of darts to try out with the mini boarders. After seeing them I thought wow they look good, feel-good and lots to choose from but too light.

From the off we could see the kids that were new to darts they were helping a lot due to the weight. But the ones that have been playing for a while, some were too light. They all loved the different grips and shapes and couldn’t wait to try them all out. Some of the more advanced kids have even come back with new darts because they like the grips and shapes they have tried out. Which wouldn’t of been possible without the help of Loxley Darts.

Simon Taylor
Mini Boarder Coach

Social Darts Academy MK Sharks Jnr’s

I didn’t know there was so many shapes and grips I could try. I didn’t like the smooth ones as I couldn’t hit the board. But I really liked the ones with different grips. I now use these instead of my own darts as these are lighter.


6yrs old

Mini Boarder

Social Darts Academy MK Sharks Jnr’s

Many thanks to all at the MK Sharks for testing the CuZn series and happy darting to you all!