Melbourne, Australia has been in a near total lockdown since March and Dart World Australia has only recently been allowed to reopen it’s doors.

After what has been a very long 8 months of insane restrictions and a ring of steel separating metro Melbourne from rural Victoria things are slowly settling down into what is known as “Covid” normal.  Having been restricted to travelling no more than 5km from home, and adhering to only 4 reasons to be away from the house people are now allowed to travel freely around, and Victoria is finally united as a state again.

To celebrate the physical store opening up to the public once again, Dart World Australia is hosting an event for their valued customers on November 14th:

“To celebrate our new found freedom from tyranny, Dart World Australia is combining the launch of Loxley Darts in Australia with a celebration BBQ.

We have invited The Fat Pom to bring his original homemade Heaven & Hell chilli sauces to spicy things up a bit!

We are very excited to be the first retail outlet for Loxley Darts in Australia and  can’t wait to see what our customers think of these exciting new products.

Keep those machines turning, we are anticipating they will be flying off the shelves quicker than Robin Hood could run off with Maid Marion!”

From all of us here at Loxley Darts we would like to wish everyone at Dart World Australia and all of their customers and friends a wonderful return to sanity and normality. Enjoy the BBQ and enjoy getting acquainted with Loxley Darts!