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All our Loxley darts flights are 100 Micron unless stated otherwise.

Below is only a selection of some of the Loxley flights available.

John Part semi-transparent:

John Part Maple semi transparent

Baked Beeney:

Baked Beeney std

Pink Transparent Feather:

Pink Feather Transparent

Blue Transparent Feather:

Blue Feather Transparent

Green Transparent Feather:

Green Feather Transparent


Pyramid std

Ryan Searle Heavy Metal Guitarist:

Ryan Searle Heavy Metal 100 micron flights

Cloud (Red, Dark, Blue):

Cloud Red Grey Blue


Dragon std

Keith Deller Std 75 Micron:

Keith Deller 138 std 75m

Keith Deller Pear 75 Micron:

Keith Deller 138 pear 75m

Edgar TV Std:

Edgar TV Flights

Edgar TV Kite:

EdgarTV Kite

Green Feather Solid:

Green Feather Solid

Blue Feather Solid:

Blue Feather Solid

Orange/Red Feather Solid:

Orange Feather Solid

Grey/Black Feather Solid:

Grey Feather Solid

Clear Standard:

Clear std

Clear Kite:

Clear Kite

White Standard 150 Micron:

White std 150m

White Kite 150 Micron:

White Kite 150m

Muffin Man:

Muffin Man 100m

Aaron Beeney:

Aaron Beeney std