Name : Ben Peel
Nickname: The Bayonet
Darts Used: Loxley Robin
Born: Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Date of Birth: 18th December 1984

Ben joined the military in 2002 and is coming towards the end of his career in 2026, he has served in the British Army within the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers reaching the rank of Warrant Officer. He has seen service in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo and many more countries around the world.
Ben took to playing darts in 2019 when stationed in Cyprus and quickly starting improving and earning a name within the darts community in Cyprus. Following this over the next few years he returned to the UK and captained his own team. He began to branch into the ADC scene as well as many comps up and down England and Wales. Taking legs from PDC tour card holders along the way. Ben is involved with the rising defence darts scene and is actively playing on defence darts competitions and exhibitions including the inaugural Operation Bullseye happening in Blackpool in July 2024 partnering a professional in a pro-am charity tournament. The future is looking bright for Ben as he seeks to improve his game and become semi-pro within next 12-16 months and post active military service will be attending Q-School and searching for his PDC tour card.
Ben Peel loves his Loxley Robin darts so much he has had them tattood!
Loxley Robin Tattoo