Barrels = 90% Tungsten

13g – Length 25mm – Max Width 7.2mm

The Loxley Acorn darts are the brainchild of chief designer Matt Birch who worked out a perfect design for the worlds shortest tungsten darts. Sadly we are not currently able to mass produce darts this short due to how the CNC machines hold on to the darts so instead we decided to hand-make a limited edition of 10 sets:

  • 1 set remains with Loxley HQ (Matt uses them as backup set (to annoy opponents) when playing in the local league)
  • 3 sets were sold via Get-iT Darts in The Netherlands
  • 3 sets were sold via Darts Performance Centre in England
  • The remaining 3 sets of darts will be available to win via competitions on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. So make sure you follow these 3 accounts and keep your eyes out for the 3 competitions!

Loxley Acorn Darts Limited Edition Darts Acorn Limited Edition Acorn Darts Loxley Concept darts limited edition