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Darts Review Channel: Loxley Matthew Edgar Edgar TV Darts Review

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This is the Matthew Edgar darts from new darts brand Loxley darts. Loxley have a number of players already signed to their brand and these are their first release. Matthew is a PDC pro and also runs a successful Youtube channel EdgarTV which is quickly growing in popularity.

I believe these darts are designed by Matthew with help from Zach Thornton a young guy who does some very nice darts designs.

Its a classic straight barrel style with more grip on the front half and low level on the rear.

When I first seen the darts like a lot I thought they were a little pricey at £54.95 and I am sure Edgar would agree with that too as he has used a cheap £10 set for a long while and done rather well with them. But I learned that the darts are only an initial batch of 75 sets in each weight and that the were also hand painted too which takes more time. Small batches tend to cost a lot more too so on reflection the price is probably fair and also pro players darts always cost more regardless 

I think its a dart that will work well for any style of grip but I guess due to the nature of the grip levels it really depends if you like more or less grip. As a front gripper myself I find it a good level for me personally.

The supplied set up of short stems works well for these too, its not too long a barrel at 50.7mm but still a touch longer than I would consider my max of 48mm, so balance for me was fine.

The darts are certainly nicely coloured with the mix of black, white, blue and the predominant dark pink and look better in the flesh than I first thought they were.

One nice touch was that the logo on the barrels and stems line up perfectly, nothing that will affect performance of course but just some nice quality control.

When I weighed the barrels all three were spot on the stated 23g weight, not sure if thats ever happened before but was good to see 

Overall the quality is great, I only knocked off a half point simply because its a fairly basic style so less to go wrong but basic is often best in darts and I think these will be a great all rounder for many.



(GRIP Levels: 7 Front, 3 Rear)

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